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How Do I Cancel My Flight on Lufthansa?

If a passenger has a flight with this airline but, due to some personal reason, he or she is unable to fly and wants to cancel the booking, then by visiting its official web page, they can cancel their confirmed e ticket online through the official web page. If you have the same query, then you can also call off your reservation by visiting the airline's official web page free of cost; that means you don’t need to pay any penalty for this if you are eligible for the free cancellation. 

Don’t you know the procedure for canceling your air ticket online? Don’t worry; just follow the guide and the procedures mentioned below. 

Follow the guide mentioned below.

There are many options available to call off the reservation, but the best option is to go to the official web page of the airline, where you can cancel your reservation quickly without paying any Lufthansa cancellation fee. Please read the details below if you do not have the required details.

  • First, you need to Visit the web page at
  • Then, tap on the ‘My Booking’ tab, which you can find on the airline's home page.
  • Now, under the ‘Manage’ section, click on the ‘Manage Bookings’ option.
  • Then, enter your booking code and your last name (your name should match the name printed on the passport).
  • After that, click on the “Find Booking ” tab.
  • When you click on the tab “Find Booking,” you will be redirected to a new page where you can see your total flight booking details for this airline.
  • Here you need to find your booking first.
  • Once you find your booking, tap on manage your reservation and then make the cancellation.
  • Now, pay the cancellation amount if required.

When all the procedures end then, you will get an email from the airline to your registered email address that your booking has been cancelled successfully. 

What is the cancelation policy for Lufthansa?

According to Lufthansa cancellation policy, it depends on the type of ticket you purchased; for example, if you purchased a ticket under non cancelable policy, then you are not permitted to call off your reservation. There is one possibility available, which is to fill out the cancelable form that you can find on the airline's official web page. 

  • If an existing customer dies due to any reason, then their family members can claim a full refund by submitting the death certificate online. 
  • If the passenger reserves their flight tickets using any other airline ticketing web page, then to cancel the flight ticket and get a refund, they need to contact the same airline ticketing web page.
  • According to the Lufthansa flight cancellation refund rules and terms, if the flight was canceled due to a natural disaster, you will get a full refund. 
  • If your flight is canceled by the airline, then you can claim a full refund.
  • Due to any medical issue, if a passenger is unable to fly, then they can submit a medical certificate online via email or by visiting the airport. Then they can get a full refund. Also, they can fill out the cancelation form.

After reading all the details mentioned above, you are now able to find out what policies are essential to getting the total refund. 

Can I cancel my Lufthansa flight without penalty?

Yes, you can cancel your air ticket without any penalty, but for this, you are required to talk to the customer service agent to check your eligibility first which means you are eligible for the free cancellation or not. You can find the contact number on the official web page of the airline for all the regions. So, what are you waiting for go and find the contact number as per your region. 

Does Lufthansa still offer free cancellation?

Yes, this airline provides a Lufthansa cancellation policy 24 hours. If you need to cancel your air ticket, you can do so without paying any single fee or penalty within 24 hours after your successful reservation. For your convenience, cancellations can be made either online or by contacting their live persons at +1 800 645 3880. 

How do I Get a full Refund on Lufthansa?

According to its rules and terms, if a customer dies for any reason, then their family members (Parents, children, and partners) can claim a full refund by submitting the death certificate online to the airline's official email address. 

Does Lufthansa have free 24-hour cancellation?

Yes, in accordance with the airline rules, if a passenger reserved the air ticket using the airline's official web page, mobile application, or via phone call, then they can cancel their reservation within 24 hours of reserving the seat without paying any extra penalty or taxes. However, if he or she reserved the seat with assistance from any third party, then he or she is required to connect with the third party service provider's customer service department.  

What is the Lufthansa refund policy?

In accordance with the Lufthansa refundable ticket policy,  If a passenger reserved the air ticket under refundable tickets, then the customer can get a total refund within seven working days. But if he or she did not get the refund, then they can claim a refund by filling out the online refund form that they can find on the airline's official web page at In this form, they are required to provide the details of the booking, and then they will get the resonance within a short period of time. 

How late can you cancel a Lufthansa flight?

Tickets can be canceled for hours prior to the flight journey date, but it is not free. This means that if a customer cancels their confirmed air ticket 4 hours prior to their journey ticket, then he or she is required to pay a handy penalty for this. For accurate fare details, please talk to the customer service person of the airline, who will assist you in providing all the details and penalty charges for your confirmed and pending tickets. But if you want to call off your reservation free of cost, then try to postpone your air trip within 24 hours after confirming your air trip.

What is the 24-hour rule Lufthansa?

According to Lufthansa non refundable ticket policy, if a passenger cancels their air ticket within 24 hours after reserving the seat in a flight and the ticket is non refundable then they can still cancel their tickets but if the duration of the 24 hours time limit ends,, then they are not able to call off their reservation. For this, customers are required to connect with the airline's customer service agent, who will assist them in providing all the details related to the cancellation.

What is the Last Time to Cancel a Flight Ticket?

A simple way to cancel or postpone a flight without paying any extra fee is to do so within twenty four hours of reserving. After this window, the next choice is to wait to see if the airline makes a change to the flight — the departure time, the aircraft, etc. — which will automatically give you a refund if you change or cancel.

Is it easy to get a refund from Lufthansa?

If you wish to get a refund on your air ticket cancellation, then you can cancel your flight and ask for a refund or total return under “Flight details” in the section of 'My bookings' that you can find on the official web page of the airline. If you are unable to do so, you can also request a refund using the online refund form below. If you are unable to find the details of the refund form then you can follow the procedure mentioned below.

  • First, Go to the Airlines official Web Page.
  • Then, on the bottom section of the home page you can find the option of Help & contact. Click on it.
  • Now, click on the refund option.
  • Then, you will redirect to anew page where you can see the online form.
  • Here, you are required to enter your last name, booking code, your registered email address, your contact details, etc. 
  • Now, click on submit button.

When you click on the submit tab then your request will be submit and you will get the response within a few minutes.

Note: If you are unable to reach with the online form section for refund then use the below steps to open the online form link directly.,manually%20at%20our%20service%20centres.

Are Lufthansa flights 100% refundable?

Yes, this airline offers a 100% refund if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of reservation. Fees or charges may be applied for cancellations made after the 24 hours duration.

How long do Lufthansa refunds take?

This airline takes 7 days to a maximum of 20 days to transfer the refund amount to your original mode of payment, such as your booking ID.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are Lufthansa flights 100% refundable?

Yes, this airline offers a 100% refund if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of reservation. Fees or charges may be applied for cancellations made after the 24 hours duration.

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